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I'll be the Slut of the Century

The diary of the rated r superstar diva

Michelle aka Buffy
15 May
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Well I am 17teen years old and I am in the 12th grade meaning I am a senior in highschool..Also I have a boyfriend,but I am not telling you his name..I live of Course in LosAngeles,Califorina where it is nice and hot there...I love to watch BuffyTheVampireSlayer,Angel,Passions thats a soap opera..Also I love Shopping,Going online,talking to my friends,talking on the phone,hanging out with my friends..Also I love being with my BoyFriend...So thats all about me you would like to know about okay.But wait I live in NewYork during the school year so I have a house in La and one here in NY so thats what you have to know about me alright...BYE

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amavel_bel for the Shipper: Buffy & Spike - Wanna marry you (Episode "Something Blue") layout
kittybeenbad for the Sarah Michelle Gellar layout
amavel_bel for the BtVS: Shipper: Buffy & Xander - Did I ever thank you... for saving my life? (Episode "When She Was Bad layout
orchestrachik89 for the Sarah Michelle Gellar Happy New Year! - Layout
amavel_bel for the Drusilla - Mad Princess layout
sissi_blucas@btvsats_layouts f0r BA Shipper -> I was Chosen by you...layout
phantom_shadows@wwe_layouts for the Amy Dumas layout